stage 3 :: recommend a solution

recommend a solution

stage 3 :: recommend a solution

Choice of solution is partially dependent on resources that may also restrict every outcome being implemented. For each implemented outcome there will be a prescribed effect; what will it be like after the solution is implemented?

The process may look unnecessarily complicated, but it simply reflects the reality when businesses present with problems and we provide a successful solution. It has one big advantage: by getting your business to think about your issues – indeed the whole business - in a way you may never have before, it means you are less likely to fall back on preconceived ideas and more likely to work things out from first principles. This means you will be less attached to your personal needs and more likely to think in terms of what your business needs.




Following the workshop(s) we will provide you with a specification (definition of requirements) that is the key deliverable from the initial process. The document will contain all the issues and outcomes agreed during this process, as well as a detailed description of the solution(s).

The solution will include flow charts, data definitions and a detailed description of every element of the proposed project. Where possible, we'll provide mock ups of the system along with a prototypes (where budget allows).

The key aim of the specification is to paint a picture of what the proposed system will look like and the way users will interact with the system, providing use cases where applicable.

The success of any project requires all the stakeholders to actively participate in this process, to avoid feature creep that can potentially increase the cost of development.

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