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Mossbourne Community Academy initially approached us and asked if we could develop a system that could process their admissions each scholastic year. One of the major hurdles at the time was coming up with a cost effective way of calculating the distance from the school gates for each applicant. At the time there weren't any options within their budget, but shortly afterwards we found a geo-mapping tool that could do the job at a realistic cost.

We developed the first of our schools admissions systems shortly afterwards and Mossbourne were delighted with the results and referred us to a number of other academies. Mossbourne have also asked us to develop another application for their Student Behaviour System and we have recently updated their admissions system to take into account their new admissions criteria.

As a direct result of the successful implementation of the admissions system for Mossbourne, we were asked to develop a similar system for Saint Mary Magdalene Academy. Geo-mapping solutions were more readily available and we opted to use Google MAPS API to calculate the distance criteria for their admissions system.

The system has been in place for 3 years and has proved a great help in processing admissions, whilst saving money by avoiding expensive solutions provided by the Local Education Authorities.

In 2012 we developed a multi-academy admissions system for The Barnfield Trust that incorporates?Barnfield Moorland Free School, Barnfield South Academy, Barnfield West Academy, Barnfield Skills Academy and Barnfield Vale Academy. The admisssions system allows users to define admisions policies based on a variety of policies (SEN, staff, catchment areas, local authority care, siblings, feeder schools, distance from school gate and lottery randomisers).

To find out more about our admissions systems please give us a call. Academies might also be interested in UK School Resilience that specialise in helping schools improve their resilience through emergency planning and business continuity.

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