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pda user interfaceWe have been developing mobile websites and on-line database applications since 2004. Initially we developed a system for the Montpelier Group that provide access to small repairs associated with refurbishment contracts for contracts and clients. The early mobile apps we created were designed around Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) like the HP iPAQ. The system was accessible via a standard browser for when users were in their offices, but provided a cut down version for them whilst on-site.

The introduction of so called smart phones - iPhones, Blackberrys, etc., - have provided a realistic development platform, but you need to ask yourself if you actually need an app. Mobile applications are expensive to develop, as they need to be written for a range of mobile platforms including Apple (IOS), Android, Blackberry and Windows. Unless your app is going to use either the software and / or hardware on your mobile device a mobile web interface offers a far more cost effective solution.

mobile user interfaceAyrmer Software can provide design and development for mobile apps along with mobile versions of your website or on-line application and our latest projects are now tested on tablets like the iPad as more and more users are accessing systems with these devices.

Last year we re-designed Best Cellars website and as part of the project created a mobile user interface for their e-commerce website. Since the launch of the mobile version, the business has seen a steady growth in sales processed through it.

Other applications we have recently developed include a business coaching portal for Shirlaws that is due to be launched imminently. The user interface creates a rich user experience that includes drag and drop, sliders and collapsible widget. It was tested to work on a variety of tablets as it was considered essential for the target audience.



We have also designed this website with mobiles in mind and used HTML5 / CSS3 to ensure it is displayed correctly across a wide range of devices that include desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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