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There are now so many options available for managing your website content that selecting the right solutions has become a challenge in itself. There are a number of open source Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress, etc., that will cater for most businesses requirements. Even if these don't fit your requirements exactly, there is a large development community that can customise the open source solutions.

As a result there is little or no point trying to compete in such a competitive and price sensitive market place, so we focus on developing Content Management Systems (CMS) that are incorporated into a larger system and / or require complex functionality that enable businesses to maintain and present their products and services in a user friendly way.

We recently completed a multiple domain content management system for clients in London, that enables the business to manage both of their websites from just one system. This allows them to distribute content through one or more sites at the same time, enabling them to publish content quickly and efficiently.

multiple domain content management system

Multiple domain content management system

We have also recently developed two more complex content management systems that helped users find the right product / service they were looking for. By focusing on the needs of the websites' target audience and understanding their requirements, we were able to significantly increase enquiries for both businesses within a very short period.

multiple domain content management system

Content Management System (Goonvean Fibres)

Both websites use a similar approach in displaying the products and services in two distinct ways to ensure visitors find what they are looking for and also help with search engine optimisation as it enables your business to focus on keywords and phrases aimed at different types of users.

Husseyseatway present their products as a more traditional list appropriate for their technical audience (architects, etc.,) as well as by venue (schools, universities, sports facilities, etc.,) that is aimed at their non technical audience.

multiple domain content management system

Content Management System (Husseyseatway)

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