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The Canoe Shop Group (UK) Limited initially wanted a simple system that would provide visibility across their 10 retail units across southern England and Ireland. The business was extremely successfully and had kept their administration simple, but it was beginning to show the strain as the business thrived.

Stock management was a major issue and it was essential the staff in the retail units could locate and transfer stock as and when required. The business used a procedure called Inter Shop Transfers (IST), but it meant that the retail shop managers spent far too much time ringing around the other shops looking for stock and not on the shop floor.

With the opening of a central distribution unit in Lee Mill, just outside Plymouth it became a priority to put something in place and fast!


One word described the entire project - visibility - and we presented a solution that would allow staff with the retail units and the distribution centre to locate stock quickly and efficiently.


The solution was a stock management system that was hooked into the retail units and provided a Point of Sale (PoS) system, so that stock was always up to date, enabling staff to request IST automatically, so that the distribution centre and other retail outlets could fulfil the IST's as part of their end of day till up procedures.

The system was implemented during the winter months of 2010 / 2011 during the groups quiet period, ready for the spring of 2011. We continue to support The Canoe Shop Group (UK) Limited and are in discussions with them about another project at the moment.

After rejecting countless off the shelf software packages, we asked Ayrmer Software to developing a bespoke, centralised stock and accounting system for our business (a group of canoe & kayak shops). Since the launch in Spring 2010, the user friendly, intuitive system continues to deliver improved efficiencies and cost savings, across all aspects of the business, whilst maximising sales despite the economic conditions. This would not have been possible with our old labour intensive, manual systems.
The financial investment has been worthwhile and we'll continue to develop the system with Ayrmer Software. We would recommend Ayrmer Software to anyone looking for a bespoke IT solution.
Simon Longdon, Project Manager, The Canoe Shop Group (UK) Limited

To find out more about our point of sale and stock management system give us a call!

Published: 01 October, 2012

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