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Saint Mary Magdalene AcademyFollowing the success of the admissions system Ayrmer Software developed for Mossbourne City Academy, Saint Mary Magdalene Academy approached us to develop a bespoke system for their academy. Saint Mary Magdalene Academy were spending a significant amount of funding on having their admissions processed by their Local Education Authority (LEA).


Saint Mary Magdalene Academy wanted to be able to process admissions themselves, based upon their admissions criteria.


Ayrmer Software developed an admissions system that allows the team to securely log into their control panel, imports the list of applicants and process the data. The results can then be exported in a variety of formats including Comma Separated Value (CSV) to send back to their respective LEA to process school preferences and send out offer letters.

The system utilises the Google Maps API to calculate the distance from the school gate and ensures a transparent method that has stood the test of time and reduced the number of appeals that the academy have to respond to afterwards.

Ayrmer Software were a pleasure to work with, we proposed what we needed to manage our admissions process(es) and they were immediately able to come up with ideas. We had a face-to-face meeting which gave the opportunity to meet and thrash out ideas with different options. Ayrmer Software, within a week, resolved for a proposed system which was both practical and very simple and easy to use with added flexibility options for future growth of the system. We were able to test the system extensively, asking questions were out of this process Ayrmer Software would 'tweak' for very minor incremental improvements, only when we were 100% satisfied did they load this to a 'live' server. We have been very satisfied with the overall project in how it was handled, to the post software support and guidance on the use of the software, I can recommend Ayrmer Software.
Ian Ship, Director of Finance and Administration, St Mary Magdalene Academy

To find out more about our admissions systems please give us a call.

Published: 01 October, 2012

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