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NRG Business Networks Limited NRG Business Networks initially approached us after meeting one of the staff from Summit Events, who recommended us having completed the development of their system. The founders - Kim Sharman and Martin Davies - were running four business networks - Swindon, Bristol, Reading and Cheltenham - and had plans of rapid expansion, but soon realised that they could not manage the back end administration and logistics around each event.

When we first met Kim and Martin they were quite literally shuffling pieces of paper around their dining room table; just imagine trying to organise the seating plan for your wedding and you'll have some idea of the challenge they faced.

To make matters worse the day to day management of membership subscriptions was a nightmare and they realised they couldn't carry on as they were and realise their future plans.


They approached us with a well structured business process that was relatively easy to re-create and automate.

NRG Business Networks also wanted the solution to manage the bookings and membership fees with an e-commerce enabled website that allowed business manager / owners to join the network, pay subscriptions and book onto events.


We came up with a solution that matched their existing business processes and built in a degree of future proofing the solution, so that if their business model changed, we would not have to re-write everything from scratch. At the time, they didn't appreciate / understand what we were doing, but 18 months later, when the business changed its model it saved them several thousand pounds in re-writes.

The system has been up and running since 2005 and NRG Business Networks now operate across the United Kingdom in 74 locations.

We were introduced to Charlie Collins of Ayrmer Software at the end of 2004. I was impressed by the range of expertise and sheer knowledge Charlie has of the subject. Also, given that we were looking for a booking system, that they had done it before.
Now that we are live with the new system it is a pleasure to know that Ayrmer Software have delivered on everything they said they would. This includes specification and functionality all delivered on time and to budget.
What is really good is that they are really nice people - nothing is too much and they always make you feel that you are their only client.
I cannot sing their praises too highly - they are a great team.
Martin Davies, Founder & Director, NRG Business Networks Limited

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Published: 01 October, 2012

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