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Mossbourne Community AcademyMossbourne Community Academy initially approached us, having been referred by one of our existing clients. They were struggling to process applications to the academy within a very small window during January each year. One of the key issues was determining the distance each applicant lived from the school gates as the local authority was charging a significant fee for providing this data.


Having discussed the project with the admissions team, it was clear that they needed a system that could import the data supplied by the Local Educational Authority (LEA), process the applicants using the academies admission criteria and establish the distance each student lived from the school gates.


Ayrmer Software developed a unique, web based application that allowed users to import data submitted via the Local Educational Authority (LEA) using a data-mapping system to ensure future compatibility that allows the academy to marry the data with the system. Once the applicants have been imported the system calculates the distance from the school and then processes the applicants using the admission criteria.

The system has now been in place for several year and although some changes have been required the core remains the same. We recently made changes to the system that incorporate a lottery system, as one of the lowest priority criteria. We understand that with any criteria the focus on such systems should be transparency; the user needs to know why a place is offered.

We decided to commence with you because you had been highly recommended to us, your customer relations were very impressive and your price was within our budget.
We found you to be extremely helpful and comprehensive in understanding our needs, providing us with a range of alternative solutions and provide us with enough information about what would be achieved.
The project certainly solved our initial issues, which was to speedily combine data from varying sources and apply selection criteria using a geo-mapping solution.
Your post development support was exemplary and describing it as timely and helpful is an understatement. Your speedy reactions and willingness to help on the many occasions we needed it was invaluable and highly praised by those of us at the Mossbourne Community Academy that were involved with this project.
The project has made our task much simpler, quicker and we are able to easily deal with queries, particularly relevant through the appeals process.
In summary, you did a fantastic job, a big thankyou!!
Judith Dorning, Admissions, Mossbourne Community Academy

To find out more about our admissions systems please give us a call.

Published: 01 October, 2012

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