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Husseyseatway Limited first approached us six or seven years ago and wanted some help with getting their website indexed on the major search engines. So when they wanted to re-design the site it was a natural conclusion they would speak to us. They approached a number of marketing and design agencies and eventually selected us to complete the project.

Although the original website had ranked well on the search engines, it had not generated any significant work and lacked content. As a result they were losing out on a huge potential pool of business opportunities. As the economic climate worsened they realised they needed to do something.


During the workshop we discussed the businesses target audiences and it soon became apparent the website had to appeal to two distinct groups, the first are technical, the second non technical. It was, therefore, extremely important that the site was able to communicate to both sets of people, enabling website visitors to find the right products!


Ayrmer Software developed a Content Management System (CMS) that enabled the sales and marketing team to create a website that appealed to both of their target audiences with the added benefit of being able to really focus each on very specific / niche phrases that has increased the sites exposure via the major search engines.

content management system

content management system

As long term customers of Ayrmer Software we have continually been impressed with the level of service offered by the team. We recently commissioned them to design and build a new website which they have successfully completed to a high specification and most importantly within budget. From the initial stages they took time to understand our website requirements and worked meticulously to exceed expectations.
We would happily recommend Ayrmer Software to anyone looking to set up a professional website and look forward to continuing our work with them on developing interactive features for our site.
Chris Black, Sales & Marketing, Hussey Seatway Limited

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Published: 01 October, 2012

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