Office refurbishment

Ayrmer Software moved its development studios to Calne in Wiltshire last December and have just completed the refurbishment of the offices to create a meeting room and storage space. We are also about to recruit two new developers to increase capacity, as the move to Wiltshire has proved successful, picking up new clients in Bristol, Portsmouth, London, Manchester and Southampton.

development studio in new offices in wiltshireNew development studio

We are getting a stained glass window, for the opening in the meeting room, built at the moment to finish the refurbish off. We are also creating a rest area for staff in front of the full length windows at the front of the office so we can have somewhere to bounce idea off each other.

meeting room in new offices in wiltshireNew meeting room

Piet Mondrian's book takes pride of place, as always, in the meeting room. His approach to deconstruction remains at the heart of the business as it did when our Managing Director founded the business in 2002, twelve years ago.

storage area in new offices in wiltshireStorage area

harry... and of course our office guide dog (Harry), working hard as usual!

Published: 11 September 2014

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