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We launched our new responsive website design (RWD) at the tail end of March having loving integrated the designs into our Content Management System (CMS) over the autumn and then transferring the content across from the old website. We reviewed the content as part of the process, but with so much content - in the form of blogs, new articles, testimonials and website pages - it was a massive challenge. We took the decision to launch it in March, as we felt the old website was no longer representative of the business and looked extremely dated, having been designed in 2009.

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Having launched it - making sure that we had set-up redirects from the old URLs - we monitored it, via Google Analytics and a number of other tools. We've seen a steady increase in targeted traffic since the launch. As a by product, the search queries - terms people use to find us on Google - have become far more relevant than te previous website achieved.

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The new website uses a tag based system to link content, so that website visitors can find related, relevant content that also enables us to monitor the success of a specific marketing campaign.

We'll be giving the content a bit of tender loving care over the coming weeks, having completed a number of projects recent over the last 12 - 18 months that we haven't had time to publish and we've also got lots of exciting developments behind the scenes following the successful launch of our after school booking system (CoB).

We'll also be working hard in the background to improve the website and the functionality behind it and have recently added twitter cards to the content management system.

twitter cards

We've used a collection of photographs from both Wiltshire and Devon for the background that users can see when accessing the website on a desktop that include our original website design banner, taken by our Managing Director.

Bellever, Dartmoor

Published: 20 June 2016

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