After school and holiday club booking system launched

We have developed a number of childcare booking systems for a range of after school clubs, city academies and schools across the United Kingdom and have now developed an "off the shelf" version of our hugely successful after school on-line booking system. The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system provides childcare administrators with a solution that caters for registrations, bookings, parent queries and feedback, after-school activities, breakfast clubs, extras, after-school childcare (i.e. childcare that starts when after-school clubs are over and goes up to 6pm or later); holiday childcare and most importantly, on-line payments using credit cards, debit cards and childcare vouchers.

Childcare on-line Booking (CoB)

We've completely rebuilt the payment system, enabling after school booking staff to specify and control all payments types, as well as adding user defined payment types (see payment types). The after schools booking system now supports the following payment gateways:

  • SagePay
  • PayPal (via SagePay)
  • WorldPay

Cob also supports customisable registration forms that allow administrators to choose what information needs to be entered against a child and how that information is used (i.e. mandatory / shown on register / etc). Customisable styles can now be added to CoB to ensure your booking system matches your schools' or businesses' branding and enforce credibility with your customers.

Childcare on-line Booking (CoB)

We've simplified the session template rates and added "staff rates" for parents that work at your school or after school club and added age and year group restrictions, enabling you to set any session to have a minimum or maximum age required to attend.

Schools can now import children and parents details from SIMS, making it even easier to get your after school booking system up and running quickly.

Published: 17 June 2016

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